Rod: Personal Training with Kyle Andrews

"I’ve used Green Box Coaching for over 2 years to provide personal training. This wasn't as a result of desperation, but more that I was looking for my training to be more effective and help with some modest weight loss. As my goals have changed over time, the training has been adapted accordingly, with regular reviews of my objectives and what I want to achieve. The results have been very positive and Kyle has proven to be a very engaging and attentive personal trainer and coach who I'd be more than happy to recommend"

Kim: Pilates with Elle Blair

"I started Pilates back in May with both excitement and fear that I would not be able to do any of the exercises as I am as inflexible as a brick - but I learned to get over all that quickly as Elle's exercises have been amazing! She was able to ease us into each exercise and every week build up our core strength that I am often surprised I am now able to do a lot of things I previously couldn't do - and it's all thanks to Elle and her determination to push us harder and test our limits. She is also able to give exercises we can do outside of class to keep the momentum so this has helped a lot in doing other activities as well - like dancing, shooting and just maintaining good health and posture. Elle is also such a supportive coach and has such a positive vibe that you cannot help but keep coming back for more pain and torture - sorry, I mean progress and triumphs! It has been a most fruitful journey with her so far and I look forward to more"!

Mark: Gym Management by Green Box Coaching

"Green Box Coaching has successfully been managing our on site gym for over 7 years. During that time the number of regular users has increased due to their enthusiasm, innovation and ability to keep people engaged and focused on their personal goals. The team are non- judgmental and are as enthusiastic about diet and wellbeing as they are about fitness. GBC deliver an all round package" 

Chris: Pilates with Elle Blair

"Elle's classes are fun, relaxed and demanding. She's a great instructor with lots of knowledge. Earlier this year I had an operation to my back and Elle has helped me get fitter and stronger whilst caring for my well being. Highly recommend"

Gerry: Sporting Event by Green Box Coaching

"The Annual Green Box Challenge Cup Golf Day has proved very popular with employees, gym members and friends. The day is professionally run and always great fun”

Jane: Pilates with Elle Blair

"Elle is an outstanding teacher. She works very well with the entire class as well as giving individuals the support they require. She welcomes all abilities and helps you to progress to the next level of movement. I would recommend anyone who would like to try Pilates to go to Elle's classes. She is as an exceptional and inspirational teacher"

Ursula: Personal Training with Keith Atkinson

“As a 65 year old rather unfit and slightly over-weight lady with an aversion to gyms and lycra to then find someone like Keith was a joy. He taught me how to build up the strength in my muscles, including core strength and stamina without bullying or pressure, giving praise and encouragement to gain my confidence. He has an engaging personality and a sense of fun as well as professionalism. He is an excellent Personal Trainer and I could not recommend him more highly”

Paul: Pilates with Elle Blair

"I started Pilates with Ellen (Green box coaching) about four months ago. She is a very good teacher and very professional in her approach to the class. After speaking to Kyle about being not being flexible after two operations on knees and a hernia operation, he suggested Pilates even though i was attending the gym. I have much more flexibility in my legs and my core strength, posture has improved, thank you Ellen for your patience. I would highly recommend giving it a go"

Lawrence: Personal Training with Kyle Andrews

"Kyle makes losing weight very easy - I have been training with him for 4 months and have lost over 20 kilograms. I would recommend Green Box Coaching to everyone who wants to get great results"

Jay: Pilates with Elle Blair

"I really enjoy my Pilates classes with Ellen (Greenbox coaching). I find the classes fun but also challenging. Ellen is very approachable, friendly and professional, she clearly has a strong passion for teaching Pilates. Since attending the classes I have improved my core strength, posture and flexibility. I highly recommend the classes"!

Jo: Personal Training with Kyle Andrews

"Having reached a real rut in my exercise / work out programme, Kyle has been a real breath of fresh air in re-energising my attitude to health, fitness and nutrition. He has helped me set realistic goals and our weekly PT sessions are always challenging, interactive, varied and fun. I feel stronger, fitter and more motivated which happily has had a positive impact on all aspects of my life”

Jordan: Pilates with Elle Blair

"Great teacher!! Really helped my back and posture! Highly recommended" 

Laura: Personal Training with Keith Atkinson

"I have trained with Keith for nearly 2 years and have never been fitter, stronger or had more fun. He is a real people person and knows his stuff inside out and back to front - who better to train you than a champion in his sport (and a modest one at that)? He will push you to get results (and you WILL get results) but never too far. I cannot recommend him highly enough - if you are looking for a results focused, knowledgeable and fun PT - he's your man"

Ann: Personal Training with Kyle Andrews

"My leg isn't hurting me anymore after your stretching. I cant believe it as it was hurting every time I stood up or got out of bed. It had been really bothering me for months. Many many thanks"

Julie: Pilates with Elle Blair

“Best Pilates class I have ever attended. Really enjoy my weekly class and would highly recommend”

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